The New Book.

  “Shadows In Time” is a meticulously crafted factual narrative from The House Of The Unusual, brought to life by the expertise of Dr. Oleg Burhanovic Shkel, PhD, a distinguished German scientist. Centered around the ChronoShadow Initiative and the enigmatic Die Glocke, this book masterfully intertwines historical authenticity with scientific rigor. It navigates through the […]

Hypnotism & Mind Control

Dive into the captivating world of hypnotism and mind control, where the power of the mind takes center stage and enthusiasts explore the realms of suggestion and mental influence.

Rare Dracula Poster

Mail Call! Just got this rare Dracula House of the Living Dead poster from c1942. Not many of these are left. The artwork is fantastic and love how the bat is on the attack. The owner stated that a couple of these were found in a garbage bag, upright against a wall behind a box, […]