The New Book.

The New Book.


“Shadows In Time” is a meticulously crafted factual narrative from The House Of The Unusual, brought to life by the expertise of Dr. Oleg Burhanovic Shkel, PhD, a distinguished German scientist. Centered around the ChronoShadow Initiative and the enigmatic Die Glocke, this book masterfully intertwines historical authenticity with scientific rigor. It navigates through the annals of esoteric prophecies, cutting-edge scientific theories, and deep spiritual insights, grounded in factual evidence and comprehensive research.

Each chapter of this book unfolds as a journey of discovery, showcasing historical mysteries not merely as tales of the past but as subjects of factual scientific inquiry and analysis. With a conclusion that is as daring as it is substantiated, “Shadows In Time” promises an expedition into the depths of the unknown, meticulously exploring bold theories against a backdrop of historical fact and credible scientific examination. It’s a narrative that doesn’t just tell a story but unravels a tapestry of truths, long concealed, inviting readers to join in this quest for understanding and enlightenment.

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