Welcome to the House of the Unusual! Step inside and embark on a journey through time, where nostalgia and extraordinary wonders await.

Prepare to be enchanted by our collection of rare novelties and magical delights, reminiscent of the golden age of comic book mail-order houses. Explore, discover, and relish in the enchantment of it all. Enjoy your stay!

The House of the Unusual

A Tale of Four Legends

Eddie Guevara

Eddie Guevara is a comic book novelty collector who was known throughout the community as a legend in his own right. He had an extensive collection of rare and unique comic books and related merchandise, and was considered to be an expert on all things related to the genre.

Chuck and Cheri Caputo

Alongside Chuck was his wife Cheri Caputo, who was not only his partner in life but also his partner in magic. Together, they had built a reputation for their death-defying acts, and their shows were always sold out.

Joseph Pavlansky

Joseph Pavlansky is the owner of the Crypt of Classic Movies, a vast collection of classic and cult films. He is a renowned curator and historian, well-known for his passion and knowledge of the movie industry.

Joseph Quevedo

Joseph Quevedo, PhD, is a professional clinical researcher who specializes in Phase I-IV clinical trials and consistently surpasses expectations in business development. Beyond his professional achievements, he is an avid collector of various items, such as antique books, vintage toys, comics, cards, and historical artifacts. Additionally, his passion for music is evident in his impressive drumming skills. Connect with this ‘Mad Scientist’ to explore both his professional services and his intriguing collection.