Monster Sized Monsters “7 Feet Monster”


Imagine the astonishment of your friends as they come face to face with the larger-than-life figure of Frankenstein’s Monster, the notorious creature birthed from the shadows of a dark genius. Standing a towering 7 feet tall, with eyes that eerily glow, he extends his hand, invoking the essence of every spine-chilling tale. Printed on premium glossy photo stock, his image is so realistic you might find yourself speaking to it. Accompanied by instructions for his glow-in-the-dark eyes, this monstrous figure promises to add a thrilling twist to any space.

Then there’s the skeletal Boney, stripped down to his very bones, presenting a haunting silhouette at 7 feet tall. is proud to present these legendary figures for a limited run, meticulously crafted from the original designs featured in Monster Magazines and Comic Books of the past. This is a rare opportunity to capture a fragment of 1970s pop culture. Secure these collector’s pieces now, before they vanish into the annals of history!