Some old something new something very strange and unusual for you.

EXTABLISHED 1985, is now a registered trademark under the Strong City International Corporation. In 1985, our founder, John Seawinters, started selling books by mail and the mail-order business was thriving under the name of Winterbreeze Enterprises.

In the late 80'S, John expand his line of business to include magic novelty items by opening a magic shop in West New York - New Jersey, under the name of P&E House of Unusual products. After three years he sold the shop and went back into the novelty business. This time he acquired the rights to the late mail order company, The Fun Factory, his products would consist of magic, jokes and special interest books. The business continued for the next decade.

In 2006, the HouseofUnusual had so much business they expanded and partnered up with the Strong City International starting a new restructured company. Now a new stylish and collectable newsletter has been constructed containing a catalog inside, along with a hot new website. The name has also been changed to "". The goal is to offer unique and unusual items, not easily found, a rare piece as you could call it, at a very low price. is destined to become America’s favorite fun house!