Halloween Decoration 6 Foot DRACULA and FRANKENSTEIN posters in Impressive Living Color a 1to1 Original Reproductions on Glossy Vinyl


Nothing compares to an offer like this! Two of the worlds most famous MONSTERS reproduced from their original counter parts, in full original color. only they look better and more alive. I have sold several for over $500.00 a set. This is a breath taking pair to look at as they adorn your wall. Be the envy of all your friends and neighbors. Each standing a full 6 feet tall, and so life-like you and your friend will probably start talking to them...Won't you be surprised if they answered?
Only on Etsy.com...from the....houseoftheunusual.com

The boxes show in above pictures are not included, they are just for show. The Frankenstein and Dracula have a tan background just like original, above pictures don't represent actual posters. THE PICTURE WITH THE TWO POSTERS REPRESENT THE ACTUAL ITEMS.



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