The melding of a newsletter and a catalog all in one... The strangest and most unusual newsletter ever published! This is a publication devoted to the strange and unusual. If you loved “Famous Monsters of Filmland” among other publications in your youth you will be fascinated with our creation. Along with strange and unusual articles that you will see nowhere else, will be the old comic book ads of weird and strange gadgets and props. What makes our publication unique is that you can actually order those very same products. Now you can have those things you drooled over but your parents would not let you have. Yes you can order from a very old-time ad! Some of the ads you will remember: the Amazing X-ray glasses, the 7 foot monster ghost and plans to build a giant 7 foot robot (to take over the world). This is just the beginning! Go ahead, turn the page and go back in time. Go back to a time when life was much less complicated, where kids could dream by building things with their own hands. In future editions more ads from the past and brand new ones will fill the pages of “Ghostship Times”. Our goal is to become the best at what we do and bring you the interesting and unusual in a “retro” fashion. We encourage your comments, especially on future topics you would like us to cover. You will find that our articles are attention grabbing and thought provoking. Some of the hot topics include: How to build a real working laser gun, build and fly a real 9 foot flying saucer, build a U.F.O. detector see if any flying saucers are in the sky, harness the power of the wind with a real tornado you can create; these are some of the best science projects ever built! Ghostship Times will be released quarterly. The yearly subscription price is only $20.00.
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